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Building Better from the Beginning

How did we become leaders in precision cutting-tools? It didn’t happen overnight. But it’s a story that we’re proud of.

Oregon Saw Chain Corp. was founded in Portland, Oregon, by Joe Cox, who developed the modern saw chain design after observing how efficiently timber beetle larvae chewed through wood fiber.

A manufacturing plant was established in Guelph, Canada.

The company was renamed Omark Industries.

A manufacturing plant was established in Portland, Oregon.

The company expanded manufacturing to Brazil.

Omark Industries entered on the American Stock Exchange as OMK, and the following year constructed a new corporate office in Portland, Oregon.

Omark Industries was acquired by Blount, Inc.

The company founded the ICS business, which concentrates in developing specialized chainsaw applications for the construction industry.

Blount, Inc. was renamed Blount International, Inc. and shifted its attention exclusively to manufacturing, transforming Blount from a global construction company to a global manufacturing company.

Blount acquired Frederick Manufacturing Corp.

Blount acquired Windsor.

A manufacturing plant was established in Fuzhou, China.

Blount acquired Carlton Company.

Blount acquired SpeeCo.

Blount acquired KOX and Woods Equipment Company.

Blount International, Inc. is renamed to Oregon Tool, Inc. to honor the company’s legacy and unite all of its brands under one name moving forward.

Why We Exist: Our Mission

To build on our legacy of precision cutting innovation so that pros can power through the toughest jobs

Where We’re Heading: Our Vision

To become the undisputed global leader of professional-grade cutting tools while making the world a better place

How We’ll Get There: Our Values

Lead with Humility

We believe in inspiring, listening, learning and rolling up our sleeves to “get to work” together

Pioneering Spirit

Born from our heritage story, we have a deep-rooted desire to innovate and grow

Global Stewardship

We serve a higher purpose than the products we make and are devoted to positively impacting people, communities and landscapes around the world

Own It

We are accountable for every action, so we do what we say we’re going to do