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Woman standing in front trees with a Oregon saw chain

Oregon Tool’s Scholarship Program began in 1981. Today, we continue to promote and support higher education by providing a scholarship program to assist the children of Oregon Tool Team Members with the ever-increasing cost of tuition, books and fees as they pursue a college degree.

The Oregon Tool Scholarship is a four-year renewable academic scholarship open to students in their final year of high school who will enroll in accredited institutions of higher education. Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive $2,000 each for their first four years of college, to apply toward their school expenses.

We are very proud of our previous scholarship recipients who have studied in a variety of fields, including engineering, pediatrics, education, forestry management, nursing, dentistry, finance, biochemistry and international studies, to name a few.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  • Children of Vice Presidents and above are not eligible to apply.
  • The program is open to children of all U.S. Oregon Tool Team Members.
  • The student must be a legally dependent child of a full-time U.S. Oregon Tool Team Member. This means the Team Member has legal custody of the student, pays legal child support, and/or legally claims the child as a dependent on his/her tax return.
  • The Oregon Tool Team Member must be on the active payroll with continuous service of one year or more prior to the application deadline date to qualify as full-time.
  • Students must be in their final year of high school with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • The student must enroll in an accredited institution of higher learning no later than the fall term immediately following high school graduation.

Scholarship Program Questions:

If you have questions about the Oregon Tool Scholarship Program, contact Julie Hugo in Oregon Tool’s Portland Human Resources office, by phone at (503) 653-4511 or email at [email protected].