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Global Impact

Oregon Tool’s sales, distribution and manufacturing network serves the Forestry; Lawn & Garden; Farm; Ranch & Agriculture; and Construction industries; delivering products to a diverse range of consumer and professional end users. Our commitment to quality has made us the world-leading innovator of professional-grade precision cutting tools and equipment. We believe our global distribution network is one of our most significant competitive advantages and the most difficult to replicate.

This network provides us with distribution capabilities in more than 110 countries and enables us to sell through leading mass merchants and specialty retailers. We also sell our products directly to dealers and consumers in key markets.

As a profitable and enduring global business, we depend not only on the strength of our products, employees, customers and supply chain, but on the health of the environment as well. Accordingly, Oregon Tool is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment on a continual basis.

We Pledge To

Fulfill our environmental regulatory commitments

Promote the prudent use of energy and natural resources

Reduce waste, reduce hazardous material use and conserve energy

Lessen adverse effects on the environment and ecosystems

Openly communicate regarding our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment